Bell Matrix System (C5-C7)

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What if each musical instrument was not only a performance tool, but a unique reflection of the performer’s musical style? What if the very notes of musical sound went not only right to left, but in other dimensions as well? What if, every time you played an instrument, you decided what that instrument would be? These are the kind of rule-breaking questions that went into the creation of the Bell Matrix™ System (available with both traditional bronze handbells and Silver Melody Bells).

While many instruments are defined by their limitations, the Bell Matrix™ System is defined by its versatility.  It employs the four faces of its vertical frame to display your bell and chime instruments in a way that both reduces its footprint on-stage and multiplies the amount of notes accessible to play. The device’s robust architecture increases its stability, its playability, and is completely self-contained: no add-ons, peripherals, or accessories needed.

The anodized aluminum, 3-foot guide-rails on each of the Bell Matrix™ System’s four facings allow musicians to interchange notes, currently from C5 and up, in their collection freely, and create customized scales and arpeggios unique to their performance needs and playing preferences. Each of the bells in the Bell Matrix™ System is laser-etched with an identifying note and octave by a cutting-edge photonic technology that merely displaces surface metal instead of removing it, enabling intricate engravings that preserve the tonality of the bell. The bell brackets are color-coded to differentiate between diatonic and enharmonic frequencies. The adjustable, castor-mounted stand allows for a size profile tailored to the individual performer, and an instrument platform nimble enough to navigate stage set-ups of any complexity. Additionally, the Bell Matrix™ System’s quick-release feature ensures that rearranging and customizing your matrix layout is not a chore, but an intuitive part of your creative process.

The Bell Matrix™ system, its attached bells, and its adjustable tripod stand fit securely inside its transportation and storage case, which features wheels for mobility, a locking slide-in cap lid, and a foot slot for easy loading and unloading.

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